About Us

We offer motor vehicle repairs, car servicing and automotive repairs as well as electrical repairs, ball joints, tie rod ends, steering racks replaced by us. We fit your new tyres, skim your disks and replace shock absorbers!

Our service also includes the following:

Steering � Inspection, corrective work, replacing steering racks and boots etc.

Clutch - We fit new clutch kits and clutch cables where needed.

Brakes - Fit new brakes, brake cylinders, fit ne brake disks or have them skimmed, brake pads

CV joints - We fit new CV joints or advice on CV joints repairs

Exhausts - we repair, replace exhausts with holes, fit new brackets and silencer boxes.

Suspension � Shock mountings replaced, shocks replaced, ball joints replaced

Oil Change � small service while you wait, including oil and oil filter with a quick vehicle check thrown in or book for a major service which includes spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter. We also repair oil leaks.

Gearbox/Transmission � check gearbox oil level, check gears functioning properly or rest gears and check if clutch is slipping and needs replacement.

Cambelt replacements � check and if necessary replace with new Cambelt otherwise done at intervals specified by manufacturer.

Electrical - Basic electrical repairs, electric windows, aerials and radios can be fitted as well as bulbs that need to be replaced or indicators, brake lights, headlights etc.

We fit new - Tie rod ends, ball joints, steering racks, clutches, brakes, disks, brake pads, whether you need major vehicle repairs done or just a vehicle service according to the manufacturers specifications we can assist and service your car.

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